The Stew, Visual art and Performance art exhibition at The Drunken Flower Bar situated in Chiang Mai-Thailand, consisted of 24 artists from 14 different countries who lived and worked in Thailand. I was an organizer and an artist in the event. The exhibition took place in July 2001 and run for 1-month time. It was a successful activity that attract over 300 audiences from all over Chiang Mai city and had up to 40% record of revisited audiences after the private view event. It aimed at bringing out hidden artists in the city who are ex-pat working in business, educational and social sector for a living and Thai professional and outsider artists. It was an inspiring event of the city that provided opportunity for those people who lack of opportunity to expose their artistic talent and passion. It also contributed brand new audiences who had never experienced an art exhibition to the art scene in Chiang Mai.


Visual and Performance Art Exhibition

1-15 March 2002

The Drunken Flower Bar

Chiang Mai, Thailand


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performance1 Stew details

Banarak Nakbunlung, Kade Javanalikikorn, Padungsak Kochsomrong, Miranda Swift,

Fiona Raggatt, Joseph Crosetto, Doljai Sriwichanunda, Mrinal Gosh, Karl Holmqvist, Paravee Pupetch, Traci Morachnick, Kirk Hollis, Tanachai Ekeuruchaitep, Atipong Mahamart, Noppadol Mahamart, Pichayaa Chavasit,

Panida Ponlabute, Chutima Kerdpitak, Ronarong Samuhatai, John Oblati, Kittipong Yamsawai, Suchat Panprapan

Stew Artists